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How to Systematically Prevent Accidents

Three Risk Management Lessons from the Death of Princess Diana

The tragic death of Princess Diana provides three risk management lessons you can learn to prevent costly accidents at your organization.

This introductory guide will show you how:

  • Accidents never happen in isolation
  • You can prevent accidents with total-risk scenarios
  • You can calculate the cost of accidents before they happen


Risk Extraction and the Total Cost of Risk

Wise executives invest to prevent losses. Their monetary investment has two parts – financing risk to reduce the impact of loss and controlling those risks that initiate loss. Of course, the costs will vary by organization...


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How SMART Addresses the 5 Weaknesses of Traditional Risk Management

Omega Systems Group's proprietary risk management methodology is known as SMART (Systems Methodology Applied to Risk Termination). It was developed and refined over decades of involvement...


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Are You Ready for 60 Minutes?

Eliminating all risk is not only impossible -- but also impractical and even undesirable. Risks involve high finance whether you eliminate, reduce or just insure against them...


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Plato and the Collapse of Enron

The collapse of Enron Corporation was one of the most devastating and far-reaching catastrophes in the history of American enterprise. Its bankruptcy was the largest in U.S. history when it was filed...


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RISK - Facing the Inevitable Unless Controlled

Seven major - but unquestioned - risks threaten life as we know and enjoy it. Removing vulnerability to them will require three things: recognition, rationality, and resolve...

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