A revolutionary approach to rapid and systematic RESTORATION following catastrophe or disaster.

The Need

Without exception, disaster strikes unannounced. And its toll is always higher than could be anticipated. Executives charged with responsibility for "ongoingness" suddenly find themselves thrown into a "cauldron of confusion." Uncertainty reigns. Myriads of demands cascade down on their heads. News media converge on the scene with insatiable curiosity, often reaching unwarranted but very damaging conclusions about management values and competence. Fears about "what to do first" are compounded by the erosion of cohesive control – just when it is needed most. The estimates of loss – human, material, facility, service, equipment, reputation, financial and legal -- seem to spiral ever upward. This is the setting for RiskBusters.

The Answer

Trustworthy counsel -- competent, wise, and immediately available – for top executives is essential during a catastrophe. Decision-makers – suddenly made solitary, isolated, and lonely by tremendous loss – need an outside resource. A sounding board for untested hypotheses . . . an objective ear for offloading crisis issues . . . an experienced source of answers for the unthinkable . . . all these attributes can immediately be accessed by one telephone call. Only such systematic capability can assure rapid and timely restoration of balance to the unbalanced scene of disaster. RiskBusters – small, effective teams of renowned specialists -- provide that missing dimension in effective recovery from unforeseen and overwhelming loss.

The Expertise

Experience is always the key to restoring order out of chaos. Each RiskBuster team is composed of seasoned specialists with extensive involvement in crisis management, rapid response and recovery techniques, program effectiveness and operational assessment, accident investigation, computer technology, witness interrogation, and news media communication as each specialty is integrated to support systematic corrective and restorative action. This remarkable foundation of extensive experience has been gained in executive positions in business, industry, and government -- including Boeing, NTSB, US Surgeon General, FAA, Sandia Corporation, NASA, The Upjohn Company, AMA, Merck & Company, and Litton Industries.

The Approach

Based on the famous Red Adair team which is called upon to blowout uncontrollable oil well fires, RiskBusters is dedicated to enhancing executive capability to withstand, respond to, and ultimately recover from overwhelming disasters by applying in-depth knowledge in the systematic manner described by our Chairman, Dr. Vernon L. Grose in his best-selling Prentice Hall book, MANAGING RISK: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives. Similar to the NTSB "Go Team" concept, a client can expect the launch of a uniquely equipped team within hours by calling (703) 892-1905.

The Execution

The skills and experience of RiskBusters are available to augment client activity in organizing and managing on-scene emergency response, supplementing crisis intervention, arranging and conducting news briefings, conducting accident investigation, overseeing interrogation of witnesses, proposing corrective measures, facilitating damage control, foreseeing potential hazards, evaluating identified risks, working with insurers, issuing recovery progress reports, aiding victim families, assessing impact of public reaction, and realizing full operational restoration.