Risk Counsel

One-on-one confidential sessions for key executives with renowned risk professionals to provide an objective perspective and analysis of specified corporate exposure to loss potential.

Client Management Concerns and Needs

General awareness of the possibility of unrecognized or unaddressed risks within the company raises executive concern for the client. This awareness may have arisen from news accounts, political actions, or noteworthy losses within or external to the company. Management fear that the company could be subjected to litigation or embarrassment needs to be allayed by objective, outside expertise engaged to provide private analysis and advice related to corporate exposure to loss potential.

Work Required to Satisfy Concerns

One-on-one private counsel with client executives is foundational. At the outset of engagement, such time is required to (a) gain a measure of management awareness of risk, (b) explore what risk countermeasures are already in place, (c) expose the concept of applying the systems approach to managing risk, and (d) establish the limits or boundaries of acceptable inquiry within the company. During the time of engagement, occasions of private executive counsel will be required to report progress, share research findings, and obtain new direction resulting from work in progress. In the concluding phase of work which might result in some written format, private counseling may be required to attain agreement on the nature of desired opinions. Counsel may be desired on a continuing basis, and in such cases a retainer relationship is in order.