Instituting systematic management of risk without disrupting ongoing business.

The Need

Risk is seldom managed rationally – with forethought. By anyone, anywhere. Instead it is generally handled intuitively. One risk at a time, whenever they rise up and demand attention. Yet there is a proven management approach known as SMART (Systems Methodology Applied to Risk Termination) that enables executives to manage risk just as they manage opportunity – with cost-effective, strategic anticipation and planning. Top managers readily embrace SMART as the needed answer to manage risk. However, they often hear from those who must implement SMART: "We haven't got time to stop what we are doing while we convert from chaotic to systematic management of risk." So it becomes an "either-or" issue – either we continue operations as we always have or we cease all activity in order to set SMART in place.

The Answer

Velocity is the key today. Schedules must be squeezed. Time must be compressed. Everything is on a "Fast Track." JumpStart fits right into that scene. It enables the revolutionary changeover to SMART to occur "on the run" – without slowing down. Leadership is provided by small teams of experienced experts, tutoring while guiding the implementation of SMART -- assuring that client competence rapidly develops. Drawing on their extensive exposure in similar fields, JumpStart facilitators "come alongside" the entire client workforce as it smoothly phases SMART into daily performance -- free from disruption.

The Expertise

SMART views risk womb-to-tomb. So JumpStart teams are composed of seasoned specialists whose experience covers the full gamut of potential client risk. They are able to tap into expansive reservoirs of practical personal involvement. This includes normal corporate activity -- program effectiveness, operational assessment, and information technology – as well as aspects of emergency response -- crisis management, rapid response and recovery techniques, accident investigation, witness interrogation, and news media communication. Such a remarkable foundation of extensive experience has been gained in business, industry, and government -- at Boeing, NTSB, US Surgeon General, FAA, Sandia Corporation, NASA, The Upjohn Company, Mayo Clinic, AMA, Merck & Company, and Litton Industries.

The Approach

Implementing SMART occurs in ten well-defined steps. And JumpStart follows this precise framework. Combining in-depth knowledge of SMART with relevant generic risk experience gained in applying SMART in many diverse fields, JumpStart makes the integration of the new system easy. On one hand, it negates any need for sharp and disruptive conversion. On the other, it smoothes the transition while developing a client-unique version of SMART based on the actions and processes described by our Chairman, Dr. Vernon L. Grose in his best-selling Prentice Hall book, MANAGING RISK: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives.

The Execution

Much like the swift movement of a water-skier from a static sitting position in the water up onto their skis on the surface, the energy and expertise provided by JumpStart brings a client rapidly up to full speed with SMART and its customized software. The initial "Getting SMART" phase is accomplished in a manner which guarantees its effective implementation without the sacrifice of vital manpower needed for ongoing client operations. The client moves right into the second phase, "Being SMART" to realize all the benefits of systematic management of risk.