Managing Risk: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives

"In order to understand the means for achieving safety, it is necessary to appreciate the significance of risks. Vernon Grose has approached the subject of managing risk and the systematic prevention of losses with knowledge and a fresh point of view. His thoughts should be valued by every business, military, and governmental executive as well as those who someday hope to be one."

John V. Grimaldi, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Institute of Safety and Systems Management
University of Southern California

"Managing Risk: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives describes a practical method of addressing risk from an executive's point of view. This lively, exciting book should be on every manager's desk."

James E. Sauer, Jr.
St. Joseph Medical Centre
Burbank, California

"I gained a tremendous amount of practical knowledge from my first reading of the book and expect to gain even more when I read it a second time."

John H. Riley
Federal Railroad Administrator
Department of Transportation

"[Vern Grose] speaks with authority because he has applied this method in many organizations, government agencies, and companies –– including ours."

Jack F. Callaway
Vice Chairman
Risk Management Services
St. Paul Fire and Maritime Insurance

"It is rare to find a book that blends the readability required by the busy manager with the detailed analysis sought by the specialist in the field."

Alexander E. Fleming, Ph.D.
Senior Financial Economist
The World Bank

"Bravo! for presenting a new challenge to the profession of risk management, for showing us a new way to think."

William M. McGannon
Corporate Risk Manager
NOVA, An Alberta Corporation

"Anyone wishing to easily understand what risk –– whether political, technical, financial, social, or legal –– is all about and how to live with it as a responsible decision–maker needs to read Managing Risk: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives."

George L. Head, Ph.D.
Vice Chairman
Insurance Institute of America

"This book sets the mark for the future of risk management."

S. John Byington
Partner, Pillsbury, Medison & Sutro
Chairman, Consumer Product
Safety Commission, 1976-78


Science But Not Scientists

"I strongly urge everyone with a scientific bent to read Dr. Grose's eye-opening book. It just may change your perspective relating to this thing we call 'science.'"

John Fiorentino
Helium, Inc.