Managing Risk: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives

Managing Risk, written by Omega Systems Founder and Chairman Vernon L. Grose, continues to be purchased by both public and private sector executives worldwide, having been translated into additional international languages that include Russian and Japanese. Reviewers of this best-selling book published by Prentice Hall have called it "the most influential book on the subject in this decade." It is widely used in universities and is now in its third printing.

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Science But Not Scientists

"Science But Not Scientists, by means of example rather than hypothetical supposition, focuses on the problem of scientific literacy.

Vernon Grose, in tracing out in Science But Not Scientists his personal involvement in the vortex of the two forces – inference v. scientific fact, illustrates one more time the humanity of scientists -- their likelihood of being just as prejudiced and bigoted as anyone untrained in science. He properly calls for objectivity rather than scientific consensus. He rightly urges that message rather than messenger should be scrutinized and tested for validity.

Science will be the richer and humanity the ultimate beneficiary by heeding this clarion call."

Dr. Wernher von Braun
father of America's space program

Basis of upcoming feature film, "WINGS OF WAX."

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