About Us

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Meet Dr. Grose

Omega Founder and Chairman Dr. Vernon Grose developed our risk management methodology over 40 years of service to the United States Government, Academia and major U.S. corporations such as Boeing. 

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Omega Founder and Chairman Dr. Vernon L. Grose has brought his expertise to the publishing world with two books to date. His "Managing Risk" is widely used in universities and is in its third printing.

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Media Appearances

Omega Founder and Chairman Dr. Vernon L. Grose regularly offers his expertise to the media on a wide range of topics including airflight crashes, terrorist violence, and major disasters. Click below for a sampling of his TV appearances.

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Get Answers to These Risk Management Questions

Omega Systems Group Incorporated is a Washington, D.C., consulting firm that shows clients how to identify, rank and manage all their risks -- systematically. We license a web-based risk management methodology that provides answers to these questions:

  • How can I identify more risks -- before they become losses?
  • How can I calculate our total cost of risk?
  • How can I know, with confidence, our No. 1 risk, our No. 2 risk, and so on?
  • How can I be more systematic in managing risk?
  • How can I achieve buy-in from top management to manage risk?
  • How can I manage risk with a limited budget?
  • How can I engage our personnel to think positively about risk?
  • How can I be bullet-proof to critics and revered by all of our stakeholders?
  • How can I reduce insurance costs?